Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ride of the Valkyries & Lunch in Valhalla

What seems like forever ago, predating our adventures with the Hung Far Low sign or our Meetings Against Meetings, we each in turn stood in the atrium and introduced ourselves to Wieden + Kennedy and said inane things about ourselves. Then we played this little video of ourselves to premiere our new TV show.

After all that opening up and looking stupid in public, we felt like we needed to regroup and regain our dignity. So we donned a bunch of viking helmets and gorged ourselves on a Norwegian feast prepared by Thor's mom. We got totally wasted on Viking booze, and then ran around the agency naked (except for the hats) and pillaged the shit out of everyone.

Not really, but we talked about it. Same thing, right?

Our portraits from Day One.

Pre-game stretching

We're all just gazing lovingly into Joe's eyes

Costume Nikes, not for resale

Michelle says "ay"

Where's my matching battle ax?

I say "Anglo" you say "Norman!" "Anglo-Norman! Anglo-Norman!"

Real vikings would have taken the stairs

Pass the grog

Which of you barbarians ate the head already?

A few words from our hosts

Intimidating. Intimidatingly adorable.

What a bunch of filthy vikings

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