Monday, September 28, 2009

Keep Calm and Bake Goods

If there is anything we hate more than giant parodies of the "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster, it's people calling us ungrateful. We here at WK12 are thankful every day for the experience of being at W+K and we try our best to take advantage of everything this place has to offer.

To show our gratitude to the people who email us when there's free food in the building, share wisdom on how to navigate the WK corridors, teach us about the wide world of print production, spell and fact check our Wordstock buttons, and put up with all our stores of food crowding the SW fridge, we've taken to making Thank-You-Pies. Our own 11/12 Casey Hall is pretty handy with a food processor and can whip up homemade pie crust using only butter, flour, and whatever doesn't have a name on it from the 6th floor fridge. (We hear this skill will come in handy sometime in December.)

So if you'd like one of these WK12 Specialty Pies, all you have to do is offer to speak to us and tell us some fun stories about your experiences at WK. You can even make stuff up, we won't know the difference. And if you're in line for pie, please let us know if there are dietary/allergy concerns, and know that your pie will be on the way, just as soon as someone abandons some heavy whipping cream somewhere.


jessprice said...

watch out though. if you aren't around when we want to give you your pie, we will just eat it. that has happened more than once now. and boy do i hope it happens again.

Beatrice said...

Who says we all hate the 'keep calm' parodies?