Monday, May 18, 2009

Its over.. we graduated... but we are still here..

Oh, you wanted to see Brandon sing his little song? Cheers and Props...

Thank you to everyone who came to our graduation

Mac was awesome...

His pants were better.


Dominic shaved

Taylor and special guest Chet, 12.4 alumni

Troyer got his hands dirty

Someone likes to waste space on memory cards.

So happy this guy came... i year of empty promises... but god dammit he is awesome

Brianna and Elisa were causing trouble by the flip book machine.

Taco truck Tyler gettin' word on the after spot. Patrick was a shining star.

Sam and his even more elusive brother was the guest of honor. Then he built a Hadron Collider out of Maharishi waist strings and disappeared.

Happy Graduation 12.5. Lets hope 12.6 has half as much fun next year...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


all this actually happened

Friday, May 1, 2009

Patrick has been BUSY P!

If you find yourself with an abundant supply of Wordstock pencils... think to yourself.. WWPD? (what would Patrick Do?)


Hey a mini plastic Coraline house... WWPD?

obviously make a snowglobe and cover everyone and everything with glitter.

Will has also been busy between dramatic readings...

Someone get these 12ers under contol, this isn't spring break... these arn't WTO riots!

For you future 12ers get ready for this.. this is where you will live for a year... these custom wooden desks.. that Mitch will quickly remind you how much they cost when you try carving the name of someone you love in them...

No these arn't Monica's imaginary friends... they are submissions for the W+K art show!