Monday, March 30, 2009

Look Mexico!

Brick Fest was just that...

... a brick...

... fest...

... i'm so embarrassed

Thursday, March 26, 2009

three good songs.

Elvis is the son of actor Anthony Perkins. This is off his second album, it came out early March.

jonathan meiburg is shearwater. he used to be in okkervil river and he is an avid birder. the whole album is great.

The music video for this song is embed restricted. check it out for a ton of male make up shots.

A non factor thursday

Sometimes I feel exactly like this

MusclesMike82: Hey d00d
CurtDaFlirt: holler
MusclesMike82: You know what would be sweeter than Phish opening up for NIN?
CurtDaFlirt: Getting to be the prince at Medieval Times?
MusclesMike82: Yeah that would be sweet, but no...
CurtDaFlirt: and oreo and coffee milkshake?
MusclesMike82: no dood shut up
CurtDaFlirt: :(
MusclesMike82: If we both wore our Nike jackets the same day!
CurtDaFlirt: I WAS JUST GONNA ASK YOU THE SAME THING>.. weird.. i had a dream about it, lets do it... should we both wear our Bugle boy jeans?
MusclesMike82 has left the conversation

Friday, March 20, 2009

Simones relation to Kim Jong Il

In Simone's privileged upbringing she went to many private schools... it wasn't until the 7th grade she learned the difference between "good touch and "bad touch". For the past year we have known her, she rambles on about going to the same school as Kim Jong Il's son.. or one of his sons. Every time a hilarious reference to the fearless leader is mentioned, Simone tried to work in her relation to the next leader of North Korea... clearly the coolest Korea.

If you can read French or Armenian click on these images and see for yourself that Simone was best friends with Chol Pak, and would share her lunch with him. He only spent one year at this school, he was moved to another school under another name. In this article you will see his only memory of the United States is a little blond girl he called SiSi. Simone still maintains the puffy burn on her bicep is from a fishing accident and not the permanent symbol of her dedication to North Korea and her role as Supreme Emperoress when Chol Pak takes his place as owner of North Korea.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009


If you lost your flesh tone sweatpants with an adult diaper in it, it is in public trash can #305

This cars rear window said "Just Divorced" and a phone number to call.. i guess the person. But who would want to be with someone that drives a Hyundai. Maybe thats why they are divorced... click the photo for larger resolution.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

one day in atlanta

dinner on the redeye was a turkey club and rabbit food. i acted like i mattered and they upgraded me to first class.

made it to the hotel at 8 and slept until 5 pm. after dinner i wandered. mr. sock man sells 4 packs of socks for $10

i wandered into the wrong neighborhood and a cop picked me up in front of this gas shop for trying to buy crack. i showed him my four seasons keycard and he let me go.

ROB HEPPLER is a good man and connected me with CORY SONTAG over at the sole store in downtown and CORY SONTAG hooked me up with new shoes and a new shirt. 4 of 5 articles of clothing in this picture happened because of ROB HEPPLER. now i need pants rob.

that night i went to masquerade to see the balkans, golden triangle and king khan and the shrines
this car makes me want to be 11

the balkans are 18 and wizards

they press their own vinyl

golden triangle
king khan

I am a cinematographer. i am a bad cinematographer.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

12 does W+K Radio

12@12 hits the radio airwaves tomorrow March 11 from 12-1 PST.
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009