Friday, May 30, 2008

Rootbeer Floats

The Nick Berg float is a crowd pleaser!

Byron submitted his ego as a float this year...

And Lukes parents thought 4 years in the color guard would never have a real life application.

Whats another word for pirate treasure?

Business Class

Actress/writer/comedian, Julia Sweeney, came to the WK offices to talk on Tuesday. Before four years on Saturday Night Live in the '90s and starring in films, she got her chops at the Groundlings.

Happy Birthday Will!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

...or it gets the hose again.

SOme people mentioned we are not posting enough of our work on this blog, its just party pics. Well here is what we have accomplished in 3 weeks...

Sorry for so many Mac pics, he is such an easy subject, a muse even.. but this event tshirt is streetwear gold.



Bruce works at Nike.. he is busy opening accounts in middle earth.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Taco Tuesdays

This is how we do it...

Awe hell no.. whats up dog!

How good nights are born.

Mike.. its not spring break.. its just 50cent tacos.. slow down...

Someone needs a booster seat.

Christina almost let me park in John Jay's spot today...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Memorable Memorial Day

The FireStarter

Stephen Giem begins the grilling!

Patrick confesses his love for religious lawn sculptures.

Welcome Briian with 2 eyes.




Wieden + Kennedy 12.3 is best known for leaving us with the "Fail Harder" wall, made entirely of over 100,000 clear thumbtacks (and one red one) that took over 351 hours to create.

Few know of the other treasures left behind by the hairy dozen. One of which is an ingenious site where you can photoshop the head of Scrappers Morrison (one of 12.3) onto a background of your choice. You can even link your own background if you like.

Photoshop Scrappers

Here are some of ours:

{the elusive Scrappers in his natural habitat: mating call}

{Scrappers spirit}


Friday, May 23, 2008

12.Five has a night out...

Oh Word? Nike invited us to a party?

This place is so hot... I mean beautiful... I mean good architecture!

Reservoir Frogs

Caleb knows what dems is.

Charlie wants every one to know he demands to be called CHAZBO from now on.

Introducing Simone.

Luke escalates things quickly...

Dirty bird HUNGRY!!!!

Cheeraz puts her weight on it

The Violent Femmes also made an appearance.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

W+K 12.5 All Up In Your Grille!!!

A standing ovation was not necessary for the introduction of the new W+K 12 5th installment, but it was appreciated.

Mac shows off some vintage W+K alma mater gear. He is upset this only fits over one of his arms...

New Urinals installed on the 4th floor are huge!

Timeless atrium shot.

Rob and James Hetfield.

Clay offers some pointers to the future 12ers. One of them being not to listen to his music.

Some ex twelvers lurking.