Thursday, June 4, 2009

Later nerds...

its over... go home... throw all your shit away... the new geeks will be starting soon... and we arn't gonna tell them shit...

"is it hard?" not really....
"how did you find out about 12?" Riswold told me about it... one time when we were hucking rocks at a hornets nest...
"what do I do when Peter Yue asks me to hide a bag of guns at my house?" exactly what he says
"Why is Zech such a prick?"
"Why does Carsen always shut the lights off in the bathroom?"
"What is Jess Price smiling about?"
"How the fuck did Beatrice get in?"
"Who wants to sit next to Casey?"
"Why is Thor my mentor?"
"Who's top 10 hottest girls in W+K list is this?"
"Is Patrick in 12 again this year?"
"Why is Byron so awesome?"
"Does Joe Staples really bike 105 miles a day?"
"How come every time mommy goes to work daddy makes me take a bath?"

can't wait to see how this one turns out!