Friday, July 25, 2008

Really Lame Party Photos

Mac "the garbage man" Jackson

The prototype livestrong bracelet was black.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

12 does Pig Roast 2000 '08

every year rob's family has a hawaiian-style pig roast in their backyard. they dig a huge hole in the ground, line it with bricks, throw in an entire pig all prepped and wrapped up and cover it with coals to cook for about 20 hours.

mike designed an awesome two-color silkscreen poster for the event and early saturday morning we headed down to screen them and lay them out at work. the image was a stormtrooper with bbq sauce on his mask.

mike showed me how to coat the screens with emulsion and burn them the day before so that they would be dry and ready for printing the next day.

since the emulsion was a little uneven, mike had to tape up the parts that we didn't want ink coming through before printing.

we decided to mix 3 parts bbq sauce to 1 part red & brown ink so that the bbq sauce would actually smell and taste real.

curt and karen came to help us out.

karen and i were on salt and pepper duty. each bbq print was dusted with salt, pepper, and even some red pepper flakes for authenticity. :)

curt put the second color on

the problem with using spices on prints is that they get all over your screen

the first print was a little smushy

the rest of the bunch turned out fantastically.

after setting the prints out to dry, mike & curt cleaned the screens and got ready to do some pig-eating.

PIG ROAST 2000!!!!

we got there at 5, the pig had come out of the ground at 4:30. there was already barely any food left because of all these people.

uncle todd with the pig skull

Mackie no snacky

you may be wondering why all the Star Wars-themedness...

rob invited the local nerdlings Star Wars enthusiasts to come make an appearance at the pig roast. most of the kids didn't even know who they were.

peter yue & son

hugs for bollars.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Phil Knight

Uncle Phil stopped by to check out what we were working on. This photo is an example of what to do in a meeting if you want to get fired. But as Jelly reminded me I can't be fired.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Sony Rolly

Bracelet time SNITCHES!

Worst picture I could find of Krystin. I love Mason.

Pig Roast 2000.... be there...

Again... bikers and mopederists, you need to pay attention, you are super cool with your tiny little toy, but your ego cannot protect you from a Toyota Tercel. Have a good week with your new concussion, 1894 called.. they want their lack of technology back.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I don't think you're ready for this Jelly.

Jelly Helm is the new leader of Twelve. When ask how he felt about the new position, he responded:
"Its feeling like when 40% of my torso was covered in ticks, and so people wouldn't be grossed out, I painted them like lady bugs with nail polish. Eventually they became so engorged with blood they fell off and laid thousands of tick eggs in my bedroom."
When asked why he answered the last question like a creepo, Sir Jells had this to say:
"What the french fried fuck are you doing in my bedroom?!"

Lunch was distorted by tens of photography books.

Oh, and Ashley Dupre has a new sex tape out.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This is awesome...

"Hey Jimmy.. why so sad? You look like Terri Schaivo at thanksgiving?!"
"I lost my hat in a nasty hat fight, nothing has been the same since..."

"Whats This?"

"It feels like a Fabergé egg... but smells like a dead cow fetus..."

A NEW HAT!!!! Hooray for Jimmy, now he can go back.. to 1952 when that hat was actually cool.

Look at kirk.. he is a dick.

He is a dick for wearing $1,000 sneakers...

who likes to rock the party?

wieden + kennedy likes to rock the party.

michael illick of scott-themed-art-show and old spice fame is moving to new york, so he had a big shindig at his house as a last hurrah before shoving off to the other side of the country.

a ton of people came; the beer and ouzo flowed freely.

12's AZN krew.

sam tests out one of the two wheelchairs on the dance floor.

i bet you didn't know scott could dance like this.

tony "danger" frusciante