Monday, June 30, 2008

goodbye gwen!

after 19 years of being the sultry, welcoming voice of wieden + kennedy, gwen, our lovely lady in reception retired and also celebrated her birthday today.

we had a great big party for her in the atrium and on the deck on the 6th floor. david kennedy and dan wieden spoke, and the agency shot a farewell video for her which included a clip of gwen on Oprah looking hot in an animal-print swimsuit at the age of 46! hoo-haw!

we went upstairs to the 6th floor and had a nice party with lots of sun, yummy hummus and falafel, and lebanese margaritas.

(beardy mccarson approves)

bye gwen. what'll we ever do without those killer heels around here? good luck!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

In Design

We are having an InDesign class, and I'm not paying attention.. oh check out this link about LEGOs

No one from 12 wanted to go eat with Bruce Bruce and Mark from Nike last night. So I did and there was much rejoicing.

Mark customizes cars, created Fatlace in SF, and now does cool stuff at Nike.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hyperdunks SON!

No one has this colorway... except daddy!

MacDonalds slide for the pig roast? Watch your mouth...

Equal Rights?!... no thanks.. i'd rather walk

Monday, June 23, 2008

12 Goes To The Beach

A few of us went to Cannon Beach this weekend to unwind, have lunch, laugh, find adventure, and get some sun. We were not disappointed.
The water was chilly but we had the warmth of the sun to keep us going.

Gian, surveying his kingdom.

Sam has a bizarre way of scaring off all the seagulls that we had attacking us.

Let my people go.

Cannon Beach also happened to be the beach where they filmed Goonies! The truffle shuffle was preformed by all.

Also on the way there we came across this truly amazing and atrocious sign.

Fast Takers Back Yard Tank Theory Throw Down

Yes this is an adult bigwheel. You can't see all the custom mods right of, but the reverse handle bars helps with the knee to bar ratio, it has a free wheel (so its not a gay fixed gear) and its has upgraded its bad assness.

Zach Johnson... it was his house warming party.. He just moved to PDX. He owns and operates Tank Theory, basically been doing it before t-shirts were cool. GITMO!

Fast Takers

Daddys Home!

This is Nick... I forget anything he was about, but there was a reason to put him on the blog.

Holy shit I would not have believed you cold put it in your mouth if you didn't have a picture of it!

Seriously it was this big.

Bruce Bruce during feeding....

Friday, June 20, 2008

happy 50!

today we celebrated bill davenport's 50th birthday on the roof with cupcakes, some bubbly, and storm large.

how many WKers does it take to eat 50 cupcakes?

champagne from a paper cup?

storm sang happy birthday for bill. she's a busy lady around town, having shows nearly every weekend backed up by her band, the Balls and starring in last season's Cabaret at portland center stage.

we heart saint cupcake. happy birthday bill!

you ain't a pimp you a fairy

This guy probably won't have a job after our meeting with Bruce.

The kids table.

Exactly how I felt about this place.

Sam needs an intervention.

Don't talk about it, be about it.

Stephen got a new tiny Wacom tablet.

Eric is really nice to 12. If you are nice to us we will be nice to you.

Joanie and Danielle were also nice to 12.