Friday, June 29, 2007

WK Speaker Series: Lance Bangs

Lance Bangs — a self-taught filmmaker whose brilliant career in cinematography should be an inspiration to all talented do-it-yourselfers — came to show us what he’s about. His work, which spans from music videos for artists like the Shins and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to a Titanium Lion winning campaign for Volvo, was inspirational in that it was completely organic and unforced. It was art. He addressed the importance of the ability to say “no” to people, how negative comments with no solution were completely unhelpful and how you need to learn to trust yourself (or just be loathing enough of other people to not trust them).

WK Speaker Series: Dan Wieden

The founder himself visited 12 to impart some serious advertising wisdom, which consisted of us asking him things we wanted to know. We learned that trying to save the world will only annoy people, so the best you can do is just be honest; a personal vision is a lot like making love (it has to satisfy both you and the other thing); success is more dangerous than failure; inspiration comes when you’re screwed; and what he wants from us is immaterial, ‘cause we’re here and we’re fucking paying for this thing. All in all a great and honest lesson.

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Friday, June 8, 2007

Congratulations, Ademar


Studio's Ademar received a visit from the dastardly, mustardy, cupcake bearing Big Bastard today-

Big Bastard

-his compensation for uncovering the new twelve's takeover of the photo wall. Ademar returned the photos earlier this week, delivering a stern threat in a menacing growl to never, ever, ever, do that again. We assume he meant for the rest of the month.

Here's your cupcakes. We love you.

The two became fast (food) friends, as Ademar happily licked Big Bastard's mayonnaise in anticipation of Saint Cupcake's heavenly frosting.

Here's the project in entirety.

The making of...

Through the Glass

Debut album on 'MegaForce Records' dropping soon.

Friday, June 1, 2007

the old one two WK 12 style


Is the new WK12 blog. 12.4, to be exact. We've not been here long, but we're already working on projects and with clients such as Homegrown, America's Second Harvest, Good Magazine, Millennium Project, and Wordstock.

We have a psychic here, so if you have questions about the future, please send them to us. Yesterday we learned that in 2026 salami will overtake ham as America's favorite deli meat. We've got all the local salami on lockdown; we'll make a kosher killing. Laugh now, pay later. Challah.

Maximize your reading and sleeping with a "Suspended Pyramid"

A pyramid over your reading chair or work area can help you focus better and retain more knowledge. A pyramid suspended over your bed dissipates negative energy and helps you drop into a peaceful rest. It can be placed on a counter to keep food (fruits and vegetables) fresher or to add flavor to drinks.