Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Big Trouble in Little Chinatown

The Hung Far Low sign, Portland's biggest dick joke and an undeniable part of the city's history. Someone, somewhere, figured it was too weather-worn to survive another winter, so at great expense, it was taken down. Everyone, then, everywhere, decided that we loved that sign, and needed it put back, fully restored, alight, a neon beacon for those of us stumbling back from bars and strip clubs.

Thus, the Old Town Block Party. Some of Old Town and Chinatown's most innovative and relevant businesses crammed their beer, food, art and retail into one city block in the shadow of Big Pink.

12 was there at John Jay's request, hauling our fourteen foot Ames room photobooth. If you don't know what an Ames room is, this should explain everything:

Basically, we did 12 does best. We put people into an unfamiliar situation, then we waited to see what would happen. We waited for a scene to take place, we waited for a story to develop, we captured it all. We raised about $275 to put towards the re-erection of that lovely sign. And, we had fun.