Monday, July 7, 2008

a little dancing, a lot of fun!

celebrating our America's birthday.

Holocene was the first to come alive on Thursday for Nightclubbing's 1 year Anny featuring the last and final show of Chromatics followed by the smooth and seductive disco stylings of Brooklyn's finest Jacques Renault and Marcos Cabral. Everybody dance!

after a little sleep and a hefty breakfast, Friday afternoon was the time to head over to Scrapper's art opening at his—Grass Hut Gallery

where fierce games of 4-square kept the men separated from the boys...

sometime later, a chance meeting with a major tom looking space man told us to keep the dance alive and so on to the Tube it was!

where Mac danced like it was his bar in his town dammit!

luckily, a nice young lady started calling him mayor and everyone went home happy and proud (to be an American).


OC The Great!!! said...

I WAS A 4 Square CHAMP at the Boys and Girls club shun!!!

Peter Yue said...

sup, mayor