Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I don't think you're ready for this Jelly.

Jelly Helm is the new leader of Twelve. When ask how he felt about the new position, he responded:
"Its feeling like when 40% of my torso was covered in ticks, and so people wouldn't be grossed out, I painted them like lady bugs with nail polish. Eventually they became so engorged with blood they fell off and laid thousands of tick eggs in my bedroom."
When asked why he answered the last question like a creepo, Sir Jells had this to say:
"What the french fried fuck are you doing in my bedroom?!"

Lunch was distorted by tens of photography books.

Oh, and Ashley Dupre has a new sex tape out.

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okay what's the secret hand shake? is it a double bump, high five - psych out, twirl around, ninja kick, head butt thing? standard application process? or a street scout thing? wk12 how do you get in!