Friday, November 21, 2008

"I like my pie virgin"

The 2008 W+K Pie Off took place today. It was to be held at the Tangiers, but it was last minute, and Danielle Black dropped the ball... so it was held in the Atrium.

There was alot of judging.

Completely ignoring thier fire hazard seating, Dan and Suzy Q anticipate spoiling their 5 day fast for this very occasion.

It was no surprise Byron was on an all girl team. He neglected to tell them he had burned his taste buds off the night before on an extremely hot Ellios cheese pizza.

It's im-Pash-able to get a bad pie past this guy

Mac's wandering eye

Vanessa'a infected eye

Life is a gamble. If you don't play you can't win. If you cheat you will always win. When you get caught cheating don't admit to making money off it. If someone else bakes your pie never admit it in front of everyone. Enjoy your train ride to Seattle. I'm sure Pete Rose wishing he got a train ride. The only train he gets to ride will be a bullet train to Sadness and Regrettington. We all have been there haven't we. Flipping the cushion over won't get rid of the pee, it just gives you another side to spoil. Pete Rose likes pie.... Humble Pie. Cheesecake will never ever make it into the Hall of Fame either.

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