Monday, November 3, 2008


20's flapper going to the Shining party... that i got shined on.

Mac wears sweaters like people wear out welcomes.

Ruby and a King Cobra

"This place is so fucking rad" said Elliott.

American Alligator.

That Reticulated Rock Python has low rise jeans.

Luke was kicked out of both jumpy castles, not for jumping, but for promoting McCain propaganda.

Kirk had been waiting to wear this since the Carter administration.

Joe Staples wife. I'm sorry I said Joe was hotter than you, its not true.... Joe is hotter than EVERYONE!!!

The Arab parrot

This is the new painting in my room. Its awesome. It was made by Chris Knight


Will_Bryant said...

mac's sweater is the bees knees!

check out my halloween in Mississippi

W+K 12 when we hanging out??!

Nik Daum said...

Mac looks a little like Jay-Z in that photo.