Monday, August 4, 2008


mike broke out all his fenagling skills and scored some VIP tickets to the faint concert tonight. they're on tour to promote their forthcoming album 'fasciinatiion'. the faint hails from his hometown (omaha), so we had to go and represent 12... plus the faint is awesome.

it was a really rad concert and we were so close, you could feel their sweat.

the show was at the crystal ballroom, famous for its 'floating' mechanical dance floor. the floor is constructed so that it bounces and has give to it as people move across it - supposedly a lot better for dancer knees and ankles and a lot of fun for concerts.

the place was packed and people were throwing everything from bras to pants onstage. pants? kids nowadays.

so loud you had to text to talk to each other:
OMG! we <3 u faint! (^_~) lol!

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