Monday, August 11, 2008

12 does the oregon coast

this weekend 12 went to the oregon coast (ecola beach) for a day in the sun mist.

we only had one blanket, so we had to improvise.

will's allergic to heavy lifting.

nature's beer koozie

absolutely breathtaking. um...there were also quite a few dead things that had washed up on the shore, but i didn't have the heart to photograph them: a baby dolphin or whale, brown pelican, and seal -- their stench was also breathtaking.

my friend richard

the tide pools here were amazing and filled with all sorts of creatures. i kept sticking my hands in the crannies to try to catch tiny fish and hermit crabs. probably not the best idea.

will 'aspiring GAP model' holmes

our hungry stomachs brought us back to the car and to seaside for...

chowdah!!! with lots of carbs and...

fresh seafood and...

the taffy man's place for free taffy and candy and sweet candy-colored tile.

we were all encouraged to spin the wheel of fortune by a middle-aged woman with dripping mascara and a barbed wire tattoo. she gave us all free taffy for trying; scary and endearing at the same time.

he'll sleep good tonight.

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