Saturday, June 14, 2008

Nike South America and CLAW$ !!!!!

For those of you 12ers that decided to ignore my texts and incessant calls. Here is a recap of what you missed. I was told free food, free booze, Nike South America sales force meeting or something. Claw Money was painting and since we are best friends she told me to find some white pants and get the fuck up in there.

John McEnroe was there.

Brad and Angelina?

I got stuck DJing for a few hours. (newsflash its not that hard to play music.. do you have an ipod? congratulations! Your a DJ!!)

Whats his face was there.
Bruce Bruce was the only one to throw on his best white shirt shave his luxuriant Frodo Baggings chin tufts.

Happy Birthday Ruby!

Who the fuck is this guy?

Bono loves Nike South America sales people.

Stephen was the only 12er capable of finding white clothes... he got so drunk he changed all the operating systems to LINUX!!! hahahah he's crazy!

Creepy Creepington doing what he does best.

If you take your shirt off around me... i will blog it. Don't get caught slipping in the turning lane.


Maclean said...

If no one goes to a party, does it exist? Well, now thanks to Wobbie's camera, it does and will. Anyway, doesnt look like there were enough white tees or new england clam chowder for my tastes.

Anonymous said...

I love Claw! She is so cool and funny - and gorgeous......