Thursday, October 1, 2009

BALO! Get it? No? Well, I'm not saying it.

Alright, folks. Enough of us and food and fun and whatever other nonsense is on this blog. You wanna see what we've been busting our asses doing for the past two months? Well, here it is:

Beth thinks she's so cute. And she's right.

Powell's stairs

More Powell's stairs

What do you think this is?

The damn buttons, that damn sandwich, and those damn bookmarks

Powell's window pt. 1

Powell's window pt. 2

Wordstock Grand Central bread bag, aka Beatrice's baby

New Seasons floor sticker

New Seasons dessert case

New Seasons bulk bins

New Seasons checkout divider

New Seasons product tag

The biggest spilled coffee you've probably ever seen.

Wanna see more? Take your ass to Powell's and New Seasons. I'm tired of uploading pictures.


Nicole said...

Fucking awesome! I love where you ended up, way to bring it all together. (and yes..Beth is amazing :D....Im not bias at all!!)

Will said...

Ace ace ace ace ace ace ace ace ace ace ace ace.

kedar said...

you twelve just kicked ass. big time.

Bendy Amy said...

Wow -- this Wordstock stuff kicks ass! I came to your little discussion panel in Bend. Sorry about that lady with the leather fringe jacket. I swear she followed me to ever subsequent session. As if the jacket wasnt enough, the questions went on and on and feels good to get this out. Sorry it's coming out on your blog. I like you guys.

yournotoriginal said...

balo is from the game peasants quest

Jake said...

and this is why i want to work there. Great work.