Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Portriats of nothing

I love a deep v-neck Will Epitome Holmes

Still got it... after all these years. Patrick Eloquence Abbey

Do not sit on this santa's lap. Jimmy "these are my real teeth" Carson

That's a pizza in my right hand and I can see it all right through you, Stephen Giem

Toughest human in the building... refuses to walk home alone. Cheeraz I'm not a Lesbian Gormon

I do not believe we have been properly introduced...

Little known fact, Byron McCain will rise again Oshiro, was once ditched on the coast by his "friends" snare trapped a Pronghorn Antelope and road it home. In time to write a very insincere letter to his friends explaining his disappointment in their decision making process. That note can be read HERE

I'm so Euro I'm not even here... Simone Don't bother calling Moessinger

I can make installing a new hearing aid battery exciting. Monica Dance Maniac Choy

Only thing that gets me motivated is a 2 for 1 pack of Grizzely Longcut. Maclean I ate the whole thing Jackson

Pay attention... headlocks are free. Jinnina The fist comes first Chiles

The most dominant man in baseball. Mike swing for the fences Wieihs

Silent but deadly. Gian I can draw your face off Galang

More quiet than a sleeping clam at night frozen under feets of ice. Sam Existential Liu

not clever not funny not even good looking anymore.. jesus christ what happened I used to be really really hot... like abercrombie bag hot... Rob Integrityless Heppler

The most respectful, religious, thoughtful, and hygenic... then he threw it all away. Luke AK47 on his person Dreyer

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Anonymous said...

Rob, u funny.