Thursday, March 26, 2009

A non factor thursday

Sometimes I feel exactly like this

MusclesMike82: Hey d00d
CurtDaFlirt: holler
MusclesMike82: You know what would be sweeter than Phish opening up for NIN?
CurtDaFlirt: Getting to be the prince at Medieval Times?
MusclesMike82: Yeah that would be sweet, but no...
CurtDaFlirt: and oreo and coffee milkshake?
MusclesMike82: no dood shut up
CurtDaFlirt: :(
MusclesMike82: If we both wore our Nike jackets the same day!
CurtDaFlirt: I WAS JUST GONNA ASK YOU THE SAME THING>.. weird.. i had a dream about it, lets do it... should we both wear our Bugle boy jeans?
MusclesMike82 has left the conversation

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