Thursday, February 5, 2009

Everyone is Coraline CRAZY?!?!?!

"Oh hey I didn't see you there. Perhaps you will want to to see my movie Coraline which will be in theaters everywhere on February 6th? Oh me? I'm just texting my boys Alberto Pujols and Carmine Gotti."

Driscoll and Klutch

"I make shirts look good."

Erin Sorenson did a sick job on the wooden boxes and store takeovers.

Brian Troyer just returned from Mexico... not vacation.. his visa ran out.

"Rob, will you fucking pay attention and stop taking stupid pictures. We're trying to fucking do work and you.. what the fuck did you just call me?... Serious can you.. fuck it .. I'm done.. I don't care.. you guys can cure diabetes on your own...."

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