Monday, January 12, 2009

Levi's Overall Yalls

The Romulan Ale was flowing like Brian Austin Green

Levi's oldest jeans on record. Their entire archive was destroyed in the San Francisco earthquake in 1906. The denim was discovered by some spelunkers in a mine, where we are told it is common to find vintage denim.

A single riveted back pocket was customary back then. No belt loops and a back cincher... and you thought I wasn't paying attention. They were handled with white gloves but look like every other pair being worn today. You think you're pretty fly but some dude in 1879 was doing you before you knew how to do you.

Renny argues that expressions sells the best fitting jean on the market.

From left to right: Gabriel Byrne,
Chazz Palminteri,
Kevin Spacey,
Stephen Baldwin,
Kevin Pollak,
Benicio del Toro,
Pete Postlethwaite.

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